Mallow is a plant rich in mucilages with beneficial properties on the intestine and throat, emoliente and anti-inflammatory, mallow is useful against cough, but also to regulate the function of the intestine. 

Let’s find out more:

The flowers and in particular the leaves of the mallow are rich in mucilage , which give the plant emollient and anti-inflammatory properties for all the soft tissues of the body.  These active ingredients act by coating the mucous membranes with a viscous layer that protects them from irritating agents.

For this reason, the use of mallow is indicated against cough, in the catarrhal forms of the first airways; to moisturize, drain the colon and cleanse the intestines, and to regulate their functions, thanks to its gentle laxative action, due to the ability of mucilage to form a kind of gel, which acts mechanically on the stool and therefore facilitating its elimination.

The treatment of constipation with mallow is non-irritating and non-violent, so it is indicated in pregnancy, for children and for the elderly. It also helps to heal vaginitis, pharyngitis and all irritations of the oral cavity, such as abscesses, gingivitis and stomatitis.

How to use it:

put the amount of one teaspoon in the steel filter, heat the water for three cups c.a, immerse the filter and leave 10 min. in infusion.