Method of conclusion of purchase and payment

In the case of a customer who contacts Contadinetta srl by telephone, by making a request for products, only after he has provided the data necessary for the registration of the customer card, the contract by telephone is concluded by informing the Customer that the proposal is accepted.

In case of purchase proposals sent through the Site, the Customer will receive from La Contadinetta srl a summary e-mail, with which he will be informed that his purchase proposal is being processed and will be deemed accepted, unless otherwise communicated and-mail or telephone transmitted by La Contadinetta srl within the deadline of 7 ( seven ) calendar days from receipt of the summary email. After this period, the Internet Contract shall be considered completed.

The Customer will be allowed to choose one of the following payment methods:

By means of, Paypal -Visa-MasterCard to be made when sending order;

by cash on delivery, to be made to the courier, before the delivery and opening of the package;(currently not available)

by advance transfer, to be made after sending the order and in advance to the shipment of the same; the package will be sent only after the credit of the value of the order on our C/ C through other payment systems that will be added by La Contadinetta srl 

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